Gut Directed Hypnotherapy Course Information

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

Virtual Course Information

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What does this gut directed hypnotherapy course entail?

The course will consist of 8 sessions over 3 months. Each session will take you through a relaxation and visualisation to help your mind and body relax and to allow you to notice your symptoms less.  The course will be run in groups of up to six people at each time.

How often will I need to practise?

You will be sent a link to a recording to practise with after the third session and you should practise with the recording at least 5 times a week between each session. The recording will last for approximately 15 minutes. You will continue to have access to the recording after the course to use if needed.

What equipment will I need?

You will need to be able to sit or lie somewhere comfortable and quiet (but it does not have to be silent), where you will not be disturbed (by people or pets!) for each session and when practicing on your own. If sitting, you will be more comfortable in a chair with a high back/head rest. During the sessions you will need to have your camera on and microphone switched off. You will need to position your laptop/tablet/phone so that we can see you from your head to waist.  You will need to make sure that your device will not ‘time out/go to sleep’ during the so you may need to adjust the settings on your device.

How do I access this course?

To access the course you need to have received a formal diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) from your doctor or a Gastroenterologist. You can then either contact us directly using the contact form or a healthcare professional (such as a GP, Gastroenterologist or Dietitian) who has recommended that you may benefit from hypnotherapy to help you manage your symptoms, can refer on your behalf, using the Heath Care Professionals contact form.

How much does the course cost?

The whole course is £165. This includes one introductory session and seven gut directed hypnotherapy sessions.

Please note that the course we currently offer is delivered virtually and will run in small groups of up to six people (you are not required to converse with other members of the group or discuss your symptoms in any way).
Individual sessions may be possible depending on availability – please contact us to express your interest

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